Earth Day Awards

Earth Day Awards

The NSHSS Foundation has partnered with the Captain Planet Foundation (CPF) to encourage environmental stewardship among high school students globally through the Earth Day Award competition. Prizes of $500 are awarded to high school students in recognition of environmental stewardship, leadership and volunteerism expressed through the Earth Day projects submitted for the competition. The project was launched in 2013 and is open to all high school students annually.

Applicants are asked to submit details about an environmental project that they are currently working on, or one that will be initiated for Earth Day in their home, school, and/or community.  Requirements include a written explanation of the project, including the process, its impact, and how it will impact the future.  Submissions should be supplemented with a creative component, such as a video, painting, drawing, or collage that highlights the project. The competition is open to all high school students.


Captain Planet Earth Day Awards 2019

Application Closed March 15, 2019

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“I was thrilled to attend the NSHSS Day at the Carter Center and present the Earth Day awards for the environmental work of an amazing scholar, Anirudh Joshi.  I was also excited to announce that Captain Planet Foundation will partner with NSHSS on future Earth Day competitions. I really look forward to knowing about the incredible student-led programs and projects that are making a difference in schools and communities around the world. After all, every person can make a difference and we hope the Earth Day Competition will encourage every student to take action.”

–          Laura Turner Seydel, Chairperson, Captain Planet Foundation