Scholarship Recommendation Form 2018

NSHSS Scholarship Recommendation Form 2018

Please fill out the recommendation form to the best of your knowledge regarding the scholarship applicant. Your experience with the applicant, including academic performance, intellectual promise, and personal qualities will greatly help us in the evaluation of the scholarship candidate.
  • Please rate the applicant based on your experience with the student. If a category does not apply to your experience with the student, please select "Not Applicable."
  • Optional - you may comment if you like on any special circumstances facing the students, such as family/financial challenges or other details that you would like the scholarship committee to consider.
  • Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf, txt, rtf.
    If you have a letter you would like to upload you may do so here
  • For questions, please contact Dr. Susan Thurman, Scholarship Director, at or 1-866-343-1800