Tylee Oldham

Tylee Oldham
  • Lexington, Kentucky.
  • University of Kentucky

"Going into a field that is dominated by males, there is a distinct shortage of women in the field of engineering. The experience that comes to mind is the stereotyping I receive as a World Ranked Cheerleader with a love for Math and Science. When I secured a 34 Composite on my ACT, my school responded: “There is NO WAY! You are a cheerleader!” My innovative mind and athletic talents would be a barrier for stereotyping in engineering.
Perception is key! I take you back to the stereotype of my athletic abilities and math and science love. I truly at times feel like I do not “fit in” either grouping. My cheerleader friends oddly observe my math and science love; whereas, my engineering friends stereotype my intellectual abilities when I say I am a cheerleader. I have maintained straight A’s my entire life. I have taken over 65 college hours while in high school and was named an AP Scholar as a sophomore, which also entailed an AP Calculus score of a 5. Since my grandmother’s battle with cancer, I spent an array of weekly hours as a CAMC volunteer. This is where my love for math and science developed.
I currently work for the University of Kentucky and NASA as an undergraduate research assistant with Dr. Matthew Beck's research team. As a freshman at UK I am taking Calculus 3 and several higher level engineering courses. I was recently named a Bluegrass and Provost Scholar and I strive to always be the best version of me. I am an out of state student and I know that tuition for out of state is very costly. I continue to strive to find scholarships that match my potential and what I may qualify for. This membership and scholarship is an honor and blessing!"

Scholarships Awarded: 2019 Marathon Petroleum Youth Leadership Awards