Tiffany Wang


Tiffany Wang, Denton, Texas

John H. Guyer High School


Recalling the importance of visiting the library with her father as a child, Tiffany has striven to make literature more accessible to those who are less fortunate, through founding the nonprofit organization, The Sherwood Initiative. The Sherwood Initiative has donated over 1,250 books to transition centers and homeless shelters. The Initiative has also installed libraries in two community centers. Tiffany is a staff writer for The Prospect, the world’s largest student-run college access website. She is a student columnist for The Dallas Morning News. Tiffany is also a political science student research assistant at the University of North Texas, a culture class teacher at the Hua-Hsing Chinese School, a varsity member of the orchestra program, a DECA member, and she has served as the class treasurer for the past four years. Tiffany will graduate as the class valedictorian.

Scholarships Awarded: