Tamsin Stringer

Tamsin Stringer
  • Bloomington, IN
  • Bloomington High School South

Service in the area of environmental sustainability is something that has shaped Tamsin as a person during her high school experience. She was a leader of her school’s environmental club, Students Advocating for a Greener Environment, for the past four years. She co-initiated a school wide recycling effort, formed a sustainable food council, broadcasted Earth Day presentations, and organized the installation of Pavegen energy tiles, among many other projects. Additionally, Tamsin has been engaged in a DNR lake clean-up program, an annual weatherization program for low-income housing in Bloomington, and in environmental outreach as a school district camp counselor. One of her most impactful projects was founding Green Sprouts, an environmental awareness program for elementary school children in her district. She developed age-appropriate, creative activities for students in Bloomington, Indiana on the themes of zero waste, carbon footprint, sustainable dining, energy, and biodiversity. 

After winning an international environmental competition called Project Green Challenge in 2016, Tamsin began working for the non-profit Turning Green, based in San Francisco. In 2017, she made a sponsored visit to Asheville, North Carolina, where she toured Gaia Herb Farms and learned about the steps that go into creating ethical and organic products. More recently, Tamsin represented Turning Green at the National Youth Action Summit in Memphis, Tennessee, where she met youth from all over the country, which has helped her envision new platforms for impactful environmental projects in the future.

Scholarships Awarded: 2018 Captain Planet Earth Day Awards