Sudiksha Kaushik

Sudiksha Kaushik
  • Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
  • Maharaja Sawai Man Singh Vidyalaya, Class of 2018

Being environmentally conscious citizens, Sudiksha and her younger sister started a social entrepreneurship project called ‘Golden Pot’ to encourage people to compost their kitchen waste. Having been composting her own kitchen waste for many years, Sudiksha was able to demonstrate the benefits of garbage management to the residents of her society. Due to the high costs associated with composting, Sudiksha had the challenge of developing a low cost but equally efficient composter. After reusing some old earthen pots from her grandmother and drilling holes on the sides of the pot, Sudiksha and her sister found the ‘Golden Pot’, a simple, environment friendly and low cost device to manage organic waste. And because the ‘Golden Pots’ are manufactured by village craftsmen, it also provides work to the village potters and artisans helping in conserving the old art of pottery. 

Due to their great work in in their organization: 'R4-Our Fore Vision,' Sudiksha and her sister were both accepted as the youngest affiliate members of the Institute of Environmental Sciences, London. Additionally, Sudiksha received the Environmentalist of the Year Award twice from her school. 

Scholarships Awarded: 2018 Captain Planet Earth Day Awards