Sankalp Mohan Sharma

Sankalp Mohan Sharma
  • Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Frank Anthony Public School Bangalore

A more sustainable future can only be achieved when each and every individual works together and joins hands, thus Sankalp Mohan Sharma works on involving and educating masses of each strata of the society for Sustainable Development. The Capital of India, Delhi being the most polluted city in the world and India amongst the highest polluted countries, Sankalp started by raising awareness on climate change amongst school and college children. After tons of work for the society, he was selected to represent the county at the Climate Reality Leadership Corps becoming India's Youngest Climate Reality leader.

 Another big issue that Sankalp was concerned with was water shortage in his country. In March 2017, Sankalp hosted a huge Walk For Water in Bangalore, the capital state of Karnataka. Thousands of individuals came down for a single cause, water conservation. Sankalp partnered with several organizations, and the event was a huge success, covered by several news channels and newspapers. Through these campaigns, individuals from across the world pledged to save over 1237.4 million liters of water. The Walk for Water Organization awareness and funds have restored over 15,000 dried up bore wells used by rain water harvesters to provide water in villages to millions of underprivileged individuals.

Scholarships Awarded: 2018 Captain Planet Earth Day Awards