Sami Qubain

Sami Qubain

Sami Qubain, University of Florida

Miami, FL, Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High

At the age of fourteen, Sami founded Sami Qubain Tutoring, a company offering affordable assistance to students seeking to improve their academic performance. As a young entrepreneur, he began to climb the totem pole in high school competitions sponsored by organizations such as the international business club DECA. Sami placed first in his district, fifth in the state of Florida, and in the top 100 of both national and international students. He was also nominated by his school to serve as an intern for the Miami InterContinental Internship program. Sami continues to hone his leadership and managerial skills. He is the vice president of the Debate and Speech Club and the captain of the varsity wrestling team. Sami is fluent in Arabic, and he is interested in the economic and political system of his family’s home-country, Jordan. He is planning to pursue a career in Business Finance.

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