Noa Glaser


Noa Glaser, Stanford University

San Diego, CA, Torrey Pines High School

For several years, Noa has participated in the UCSD COSMOS Computer Science cluster and a research experience program at the San Diego Supercomputer Center. She was also recently accepted to the Research Science Institute at MIT, which is the most selective and prestigious science program for high school students, representing the top 80 young scientists internationally. Noa finds the development of original projects most intellectually stimulating. As a research intern at the Harvard University Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, she created a biomedical device to treat sepsis. Noa has also developed a Computational Biology tool to analyze and display protein structures for immunologists to expedite vaccine development. Founder of her school’s Robotics Club, Noa has received national and international recognition for both collaborative and individual projects. Noa has decided to double major in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Stanford University.

Scholarships Awarded: