Mimi Phan

Mimi Phan

Mimi Phan, University of Houston

I.H. Kempner High School, Sugar Land, TX

Mimi, a former Miss Teen Sugar Land, has founded and driven multiple health initiative programs. Once immersed in the beauty pageant culture, Mimi has bore witness to the physical and psychological damage induced by eating disorders. Her personal testimony has been published on anti-bullying websites. As president of the Health Club, Mimi has increased health consciousness at I.H. Kempner High through health seminars and informational posters. She intends to disband the facades of physical perfection and redefine beauty to young girls through her study of nutritional science, health clubs, and preventive awareness events. Mimi has directed Health Snacks Food Drives through partnerships with local service organizations. She is also the Senior Representative of the Science National Honor Society and a team member at Lifetime Fitness.

Scholarships Awarded: