Michael Chen

Michael Chen
  • Orange Park, FL
  • Ridgeview High School

Michael has a strong passion for preserving the beauty of the world which inspired him to establish the Earth Club at his school. He has had the pleasure of seeing the enormous scientific, environmental, and educational impact the environmental organization has made in his local community. Within the past two years, he has personally organized over 20 environmental clean-ups by contacting the heads of various environmental organizations. He has also worked with the Audubon Society to adopt Crosby Sanctuary, a nature preserve, for Earth Club to conduct monthly clean-ups and maintenance as well as with St. Johns RiverKeepers and the Green Girls to bring the club members to their clean-ups across Jacksonville.

Alongside clean-ups, Earth Club participates in Citizen Science which conducts environmental research for the University of Florida and the RiverKeepers. The Earth Club has done a variety of projects ranging from collecting invasive insects around the school to setting up motion-activated cameras at Crosby Sanctuary.

Scholarships Awarded: 2020 NSHSS Foundation Earth Day