Maya Rawls


Maya Rawls, Oakwood University

Faith Lutheran High School, Las Vegas, NV

Maya aspires to become an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Her participation in an internship at the Loma Linda University Medical and Dentistry School fueled her interest in dentistry and surgical and restoration instruction. Maya plans to mentor pediatric patients and members of their family about the importance of good oral health. She has also interned at Cleveland Clinic Brain Health Center, and she has participated in the Summerlin Hospital NICU Fair Event. Maya was recently named Miss Beta Delta Debutante and Miss Congeniality. She is an advanced pianist and vocalist. Maya is a member of her church’s praise team, and she is the founder of Melodies of the Heart, an organization performing for local senior citizens. She is also a member of the tennis team. Maya will major in biomedical science.

Scholarships Awarded: