Madrid Holland

Madrid Holland
  • Los Angeles, Califonia
  • University of California- Los Angeles

"My name is Madrid Holland. I am a graduate of Nipomo High School and honored as a my class valedictorian and Student Body President. I was involved in AP courses, National Honor Society (President), Cross Country, Track, and Student Leadership (President).
In leadership, I learned to believe in myself and my ideas. With enough planning and motivation, even the most complicated event could be successful. Through my experiences, I gained confidence which sculpted me into who I am today--passionate, compassionate, and driven.
Outside of School I volunteered at my local hospital where I discovered my fascination with the medical field. During the summer of my junior year I participated in a mentorship program where I observed physicians in the office and the operating room.
When I watched my first brain surgery, the hours ticked away, my feet remained glued to the floor, and my eyes refused to blink because I was afraid of missing a single of the second of the incredible sight. I knew this was the career for me. I am attending UCLA this fall, where I plan to major in Neuroscience and not only grow as a student, but flourish as a human being."

Scholarships Awarded: 2019 Marathon Petroleum Youth Leadership Awards