Kevin Matos

Kevin Matos
  • Blacksburg, Virginia.
  • Virginia Tech

Kevin Matos currently lives in Richmond, Virginia, though he has also lived in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Florida. As of fall 2019, He is attending Virginia Tech, majoring in mechanical engineering. Kevin is also works as a barista with Starbucks and runs his own business, Axiom Studio, as a graphic designer. A strong believer in the power of caffeine, Kevin insists on the glories of black coffee to help him illustrate logos and design websites for professional organizations.

In 2017, Kevin had the privilege of competing at Intel ISEF (International Science and Engineering Fair) in Los Angeles, placing third in the world for environmental engineering. It's hard for him not to bring up environmental policies and renewable energy innovation in some form during most conversations. He hopes to one day specialize in the research and development of energy technologies to combat the economic disparities and health hazards caused by climate change.

Scholarships Awarded: 2019 Marathon Petroleum Youth Leadership Awards