Karina Hernandez

Karina Hernandez
  • Saint Johns, FL
  • Bartram Trail High School

"Ms. Rona has stolen so much from me and many others this year. Therefore, receiving such a scholarship at a dark time like this is truly a source of light and positivity. Due to the testing cancellations, I was unable to use my last opportunities at achieving a higher SAT score in hopes of receiving university or state funding. Gladly, NSHSS views an applicant beyond a test score. This year I started an environmental club at my high school in hopes of educating my fellow class of ways to live a more sustainable life and I am extremely grateful that NSHSS has chosen to recognize me for that initiative.

Mr. Nobel, I fully understand that this is a legacy scholarship in your name and I assure you I will not let you down. As my essay stated, my dedication in life is helping Mother Nature in her fight against climate change and I will be doing so by starting my journey in environmental engineering. I know this is not anywhere near the honor of receiving the Nobel Prize, but honestly it feels just as amazing.

Thank you so much!"

-Karina Hernandez

Scholoarships Awarded: Claes Nobel Legacy Award 2020