Joyce Cheng

Joyce Cheng

Joyce Cheng, Springfield, Virginia

James Madison High School, 2016

Joyce cofounded her high school’s Environmental Club as a sophomore. The Environmental Club has participated in projects such as Ban the Bottle, Wheels to Africa, and Trout in the Classroom. Joyce’s newest endeavor has been to install solar panels in her district’s schools. Joyce and members of the Environmental Club obtained nearly 600 signatures, invited a Sierra Club representative to speak to their school about the benefits of solar panels, and they presented research, petitions, and a list of the benefits of solar panels to the school board. Fairfax County Public Schools are currently working with solar companies to install solar panels in their schools. Joyce has conducted research on vitro effects on anticoagulants on blood coagulation at Georgetown University. She is a youth teacher for the Hope Chinese School Youth Leadership Program, and she is president of the Biology Club and Science Olympiad.

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