Isabella Stork

Isabella Stork

Isabella Stork, Brandeis University

Tucker, GA, DeKalb School of the Arts

Isabella, who excels in both math and the arts, is considering behavioral neuroscience as a college major.  She is currently a semifinalist in the Posse Scholarship competition, a program through which the Posse Foundation identifies and trains public high school students with extraordinary academic and leadership potential. She is heavily involved in leadership positions in performance arts, community volunteer work, and student government. She is Class Treasurer of her school’s Student Government Association and was selected as a classroom leader to help her peers understand new concepts as an AP World History teaching assistant.  After school, she teaches Hebrew lessons to five and six year old children and children’s dance classes in a community outreach program.  She has learned and demonstrated strong leadership skills from an early age–very successfully managing a program while still in middle school that provided over 300 baked items per month, managing schedules, inventory, production, and people. She has continued to build on these skills through high school and has learned that, “Leadership is helping others achieve their goals while at the same time, achieving your own. Leadership is utilizing communication skills, knowing when to speak and when to listen.  Most of all Leadership is responsibility. It’s taking the initiative, making sure everyone is involved and that their voices are heard.”

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