Gianfranco Filice


Gianfranco Filice, Gilroy, California

Christopher High School


As a twelve-year-old, Gianfranco began to understand the complications associated with his mother’s diagnosis of stomach cancer. Realizing the fragility of life, Gianfranco founded Ripple, “a socially good clothing company.” Ripple partners with charities throughout the world and a portion of its profits is donated to charitable organizations. Selling 500 shirts allows Ripple to install water wells in rural villages, and selling 1 sweater provides education to a Ugandan child for a month. Gianfranco now works with an international team of strategists and designers who assist with marketing, product design, and brand development. Gianfranco is a varsity basketball player and he is Chairman of the Gilroy Youth Commission. He also developed a free basketball camp for low-income children. Gianfranco will graduate as the class

Scholarships Awarded: