Esthel Na


Esthel Na, Los Angeles, CA

Immaculate Heart High School

Having to walk a fine line between cultures, Esthel solidified her sense of self once she began attending a Catholic all-girls school. She was enlivened by the students’ assertiveness, intelligence, and charisma. Esthel encouraged her classmates to donate to Amani Initiative, a Ugandan organization, and she shared the Girl Summit Pledge and participated in the “Walk 4 Freedom” on National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Regardless of age-old cultural norms and practices, Esthel believes that every human being deserves respect, a right to education, and a voice. She explains, “I aim to be a living, breathing, ‘You can.’” Esthel is a K-12 tutor, and she is an officer in the Asian Heritage Club.

Scholarships Awarded: