Emily Johnson


Emily Johnson, University of Michigan

Plymouth High School, Canton, MI

As the only female participant in the RoboFest competition, Emily was determined to increase the number of young girls participating in STEM activities. She began to mentor fourth and fifth grade girls each week and founded an organization known as Girls ENgineering Imaginative Inventions. Emily and her mentees began by tackling basic engineering projects such as constructing robo-arms and battery-powered cars. Emily explains that her decision to begin working with elementary-aged girls stemmed from her success in the Summer College Engineering Exposure Program at the University of Michigan and the Engineering Scholars Program at Michigan Tech. After participating in these programs, Emily gained confidence in her abilities and realized her value to the engineering community. She is a member of the Society of Women Engineers and a volunteer math tutor. Emily was named a state finalist in Lawrence Technological University’s Robofest. She will major in engineering.

Scholarships Awarded: