Christian Baty

Christian Baty
  • Kentwood, Michigan
  • Grand Rapids Christian High School

Entering my first year at Michigan State University. I look forward to obtaining a Biochemistry degree with a minor in Spanish. Understanding that positive contributions and investment in the community are a personal obligation, my career plans are to become an orthopedic surgeon.After earning my undergraduate degree I intend to pursue medical school and potentially research as I continue onto residency. After completing my residency I would like to begin working at an orthopedic practice where I can learn the intricacies of how the practice is run so I can one day open my own practice that would operate in underserved areas. My time in community service has shown me that within underserved communities they do not have access to specialized medical practices. With that being said my goal would be to after learning how to run a practice and gaining experience after years of work to open my very own practice in an underserved area, primarily hispanic or latino, to be able to provide care to those who need it.

See Christian's Personal Purpose Statement submission for this scholarship.

Scholoarships Awarded: 2021 Abercrombie & Fitch Your Personal Purpose Scholarship