Aarinola Okelola


Aarinola Okelola, University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Brooklyn Center, MN, Champlin Park High School

Aarinola intends to obtain a degree in Business Management with a concentration in Non-profit Management. Due to her Nigerian heritage, she is familiar with their penal codes that enable husbands to publically discipline their wives by force. Though sexism is a worldwide virus, she hopes to alleviate issues present in developed countries, as well as the blatant, misogynic laws still in existence in developing countries. Aarinola plans to establish a non-profit organization dedicated to providing life skills, development, and medical care programs within the United States and in Nigeria, for children and adults. She is a church youth leader and tutor. Aarinola is also a member of the National Honor Society and an NSHSS Ambassador.

Scholarships Awarded: