Kevin Zeng


Kevin Zeng

Mission San Jose High School, Fremont, CA

Columbia University

The strength of Kevin’s integrity was tested when the performance of his model rocket had been misjudged in a competition. Although aware that revealing the miscalculation could disqualify him from national competition, Kevin maintained his honesty. Kevin is grateful to have had the opportunity to study rocketry and also for the invaluable educational resources he has relished in since childhood. In hopes of offering others the same experience, Kevin created Engineering for Youth, an organization for underprivileged youth that provides science, technology, and engineering education through rocketry. Kevin is a researcher for the University of Louisville and the National Science Foundation EC3 EarthCube Initiative. He is also a research intern for Stanford iLabs. For the past three years, Kevin has served as president of the Computer Science Club, and he founded the Bay Area Rubik’s Cube Organization.

Scholarships Awarded: