Winona Gbedey


Winona Gbedey, Texas Christian University

Bentonville, AR, Bentonville High School

Winona vaguely remembers her brother’s three-month premature birth. She was barely two years old when she became a big sister, but she vividly remembers journeying to her parents’ home-country, Togo, years later and witnessing her grandmother’s mangled legs, the result of the unfathomable combination of cancer, polio, and a lack of healthcare. Her experience has led Winona to vow to pursue a career in the medical field. She intends to join “Doctors without Borders” and later establish her own reduced-cost care clinic. Winona is the founder of her school’s Biology Club, and she has recently researched ways to reduce the occurrence of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) in honeybees through biotechnical engineering, adding to her extensive lists of research experience. Winona will be a Pre-Med Biology major.

Scholarships Awarded: