Rachel Anand

Rachel Anand

Rachel Anand, Vanderbilt University

Akron, OH, Anand Homeschool Academy

From insect collections to extensive cognitive studies, Rachel continuously nurtures her zeal for the world of science. She has a keen interest in explicating functions of the human body and brain. Seeking to advance telemedicine, Rachel has gathered images using a digital otoscope to diagnose ear infections. She has conducted an autism research project, and she has surveyed the effects of social media on teens’ self-portrayal. Rachel’s study of how early exposure to various forms of media effects future career choices placed her as a finalist in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, adding to her multiple accolades in scientific competition. She is currently a research intern in the Molecular Cardiology lab at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute, and she plans to major in Medicine, Health, and Society. Rachel is also a violinist.

Scholarships Awarded: