Lydia Leafstrand


Lydia Leafstrand

Ridgway, Colorado, Ridgway High School


As a high school sophomore, Lydia was selected to represent her school at the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) Program at Denver University. In Lydia’s junior year, she was selected to serve as a junior staff member at HOBY Colorado. Lydia founded her school’s Key Club and recruited its initial members. She also reestablished the tutoring program, Study Buddies. Lydia is a dedicated volunteer, and her service has earned her the U.S. President’s Volunteer Service Award. She also cofounded Person First Language Initiative, which aims to foster understanding among individuals with varying cultural backgrounds. Lydia possesses ten certifications from American Red Cross, and she is an intern for Chalkboard Dot Org, an organization connecting high school and college students with internship opportunities. Lydia is also a lifeguard, and she has been the team captain of both the varsity soccer team and the varsity cross-country team.

Scholarships Awarded: