Jessy Huang


Jessy Huang

Frisco, Texas, Centennial High School


As a high school junior, Jessy created an educational business, Creaduh. She explains, “Creaduh is a site and service dedicated to teaching people, particularly youths, what 3D printing is and how to use it. Our mission was so the future generations can utilize the technology and create something beneficial for our future society.” Jessy developed the business’s website, networked with branding experts, and pitched her business strategy to investors. Her efforts have helped Creaduh reach over 2,500 people. Creaduh has worked with Girl Scouts Troops, and it has been recognized by the Rotary Club, the Texas Republic Bank, the Frisco ISD, Real News PR, the Young Entrepreneur’s Academy, and the Frisco Chamber of Commerce. Jessy has hosted multiple 3-D printing workshops in her community, and she has collaborated with Microsoft, the Frisco Library, and TSOG Lab Outreach.

Scholarships Awarded: