Cassandra Powell

Cassandra Powell

Cassandra Powell, San Clemente High School, San Clemente, CA

Minnesota State University, Mankato

When Cassandra was a 6th grader, her best friend’s brother committed suicide after years of being bullied. Cassandra and her friend joined their middle school Peer Assistance Leadership class, and they established a peer mentoring group to help middle school students identify and diffuse conflict. Upon beginning high school, Cassandra assisted the anti-bullying club, Cool 2 Be Kind, in broadening their efforts. She and her best friend created an app that allows anonymous peer counseling. Students may consult with trained members of C2BK at any time of the day. C2BK has been awarded the Ambassadors of Peace Award, a State of California Senate Resolution and Certificate of Recognition, and a letter from President Obama.

Scholarships Awarded: