Andrew Mitchell


Andrew Mitchell, Vallejo, California

St. Patrick – St. Vincent High School


Andrew is a four-year member of SPSV’s Junior Statesmen of American (JSA) Club. He has received awards from both his peers and the school faculty. Serving as president of SPSV’s Science Club for three years, Andrew has held bi-weekly meetings for club members. He established the annual “Astronomy Night,” in which Science Club members visit local astronomers for lectures and to learn how to use professional equipment. Andrew also founded the “Rocket Challenge.” He participated in the after-school Robotics Club at a local school until his three-year efforts of founding a Robotics Club at SPSV were realized. Andrew now serves as president of the SPSV Robotics Club, which now has over 75 members. Andrew tutors middle school students in the Boys and Girls Club and serves in his church’s food pantry. He is also a member of the Film Club and Flight Club.

Scholarships Awarded: