Allison Talker

Allison Talker

Allison Talker, San Francisco, CA

Raoul Wallenberg Traditional High School

After her parents divorced, Allison founded the program, Kids to Kids, to assist youth in coping with abuse, divorce, and separation. She applied for grants, and after attaining funding, she developed a curriculum and reached out to her peers who shared her interest. Kids to Kids has reached more than 250 students, offering workshops, activities, dialogue, Q&A, and immediate action plans to diffuse highly-emotional or angering situations. Allison has learned to practice bravery in the midst of vulnerability. Allison is ranked number one in her class, and she co-founded Untouched Beauty, a program that helps young women improve their self-esteem. She is also an intern at the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office.

Scholarships Awarded: